Workers suspended over vax fraud get jobs back if jabbed


These city workers illegally faked getting jabs in the arm — and now will only get a slap on the wrist.

Twenty-seven Sanitation Department workers suspended for faking their COVID-19 vaccinations got their jobs back after they rolled up their sleeves and actually received the shot, the DSNY said.

Another 22 employees are now on leave without pay because they have refused to get inoculated, according to the agency.

And four DSNY employees were still serving their suspensions this week, and can come back to work with “valid proof” of vaccination.

The suspensions for the 53 employees connected to the fraud scheme lasted for seven, 14 or 21 days.

Despite endangering the public, none have been fired or prosecuted.

The department declined to say how many of the workers were uniformed employees or officers.

A man receives a dose of the Moderna coronavirus disease vaccine.
After The Post first reported the fraud scheme, Mayor de Blasio vowed that those involved would be ‘held accountable.’
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Harry Nespoli, president of Teamsters Local 831, which represents uniformed workers, previously told The Post that three dozen of his members had been suspended for faking their vaccination cards.

After The Post first reported on the scheme — and another similar one which sources said involved firefighters and EMTs using stolen vax cards — Mayor de Blasio vowed anyone participating would “will be held accountable.”

A man gets the Pfizer vaccine.
De Blasio called the fraud scheme ‘a very serious thing.’
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“It’s a very serious thing … originally I reminded people that a fraudulent act is a very serious crime,” the mayor said last month. “Creating a fake vaccination card is a major crime. It comes with jail time as a potential penalty. This is not a joke.”

Most city workers had to show proof they had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine when a mandate took effect Nov. 1.

A man receives the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.
An investigation into the scheme reportedly remains ongoing.
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The city Department of Investigation opened a probe into the vaccine card fraud and it “remains active,” a spokeswoman said.

A City Hall spokesman said any additional disciplinary measures or legal consequences involving the DSNY employees were up to the Department of Investigation.

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