Woman busted in Florida for Brooklyn mom’s killing returns to NY


The woman arrested in Florida in connection to the execution-style slaying of a Brooklyn mother over the summer has returned to the Big Apple and faces a murder charge, cops said Friday. 

Claudia Banton, 42 of Allenwood, Georgia — who also goes by the names Claudia Williams and Keisha Brown — was picked up by US Marshals in Jacksonville, Fla., on Nov. 8, and extradited to Brooklyn on Thursday, authorities said. 

Banton was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon for allegedly walking up to 42-year-old Delia Johnson and shooting her from behind at point-blank range on busy Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights on Aug. 4, cops said. 

Chilling surveillance footage previously released by police shows the suspect walking up to Johnson and shooting her in the head before nonchalantly walking back to a double-parked SUV and driving away.

Delia Johnson
Surveillance footage shows Claudia Banton walking up to Delia Johnson and shooting her in the back of the head before nonchalantly walking back to her car.

Johnson’s relatives had previously said they recognized the female shooter as a one-time close family friend. The NYPD has not confirmed any connections between the two.

Delai Johnson's relatives mourning her at her funeral.
Delia Johnson’s relatives say Claudia Benton was a one-time family friend.
Stephen Yang

Marshals in Florida located an address Banton was associated with and conducted surveillance on her, officials said. She was busted during a car stop.

Delia Johnson
Delia Johnson was shot and killed in Prospect Heights.
Stephen Yang

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