Teen punches woman who asked her mask up on NYC street


A teenager sucker-punched a woman on a Brooklyn street after the girl was asked wear a face mask, police said.

Video released Friday by the NYPD, shows a 39-year-old woman walking on Fulton Street in Ocean Hill on Oct. 28 at about 11 a.m. when the teen lunges at her and punches her in the face.

The stunned woman appears to be turning toward her attacker just as she’s clocked. She then doubles over as the girl looks on before turning and walking away, the video shows.

Woman on street who punched other woman, two other women including victim on street.
Police are asking for help in identifying the teen who punched the woman in Brooklyn.
Video still of woman attacking woman street.
The attack happened on Fulton Street on Oct. 28, 2021 in Ocean Hill.
Video still of woman punching another woman on a Brooklyn street.
The teenager sucker-punched a woman after the girl was asked wear a face mask.

The victim, who wasn’t identified, had apparently asked the girl to mask up — sparking a “verbal dispute” before things got physical, cops said. The victim refused medical attention, according to police.

Cops are now asking for the public’s help in identifying the attacker, who was described as a girl with a dark complexion about 14 to 16 years old, last seen wearing a multi-color jacket, white sneakers and carrying a multicolored book bag.

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