Roblox Tops $45 Billion on First Day of Trading as Gaming Booms


Roblox has also enriched many developers, who make its games and digital accessories and who split their profits 50-50 with the company. Those who create the most popular Roblox games can earn six-figure salaries. Many of the developers are teenagers and young adults who grew up on the platform.

One developer, Anne Shoemaker, 21, said she had earned more than $500,000 from the platform, most of it since the pandemic began. She has used some of the money to hire two employees and a dozen contractors, she said.

The pandemic-fueled success, she said, has “been the push that I needed to have Roblox be my full-time job.”

After delaying its December listing, Roblox was supposed to go public in January. But it pushed that date back after the Securities and Exchange Commission asked the company to change the way it calculated its revenue. Roblox has since complied.

At an investor event last month, Craig Donato, the company’s chief business officer, said Roblox was trying to add more users, largely by appealing to international audiences and older gamers. The company is also working toward more polished graphics, more complex games and increasingly lifelike avatars, he said.

The eventual goal, the company has said, is to create a “metaverse,” a concept mostly reserved for science fiction that describes a shared online universe where people can live and interact as though they were there in person. Roblox holds business meetings on the platform and has promoted virtual concerts within its universe.

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