Port Authority shoe shiners claim wages falsified: lawsuit


They were practically shoe shine slaves.

Two men who claim they earned just $20 a day shining shoes at Port Authority are suing their former boss for their alleged dismal earnings.

Reynaldo Almonte of the Bronx and Benigno Pacheco, of Brooklyn, worked without breaks, were paid in cash and were never paid overtime, they alleged in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit against Drago Shoe Repair.

Both say they were given pay stubs which “routinely” listed “fictitious hours for a fictitious pay rate,” according to the litigation.

Almonte worked at the Port Authority stand for 20 years, initially for 12 hour shifts before being cut to part-time hours in 2015. Benigno was hired in 2014, working 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. day. It’s unclear how many days a week the men worked.

A lawyer for the men, who are seeking unspecified damages, admitted they also earned tips but declined to say how much.

Drago could not be reached for comment.

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