Liz Cheney says G.O.P. must ‘make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.’


Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the No. 3 House Republican, on Tuesday called on her party to “make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy,” arguing that elected Republicans must forcefully condemn those responsible for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

“It’s very important for us to ignore the temptation to look away” from the attack, Ms. Cheney said during a virtual foreign policy event hosted by the Reagan Institute. “It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.”

“You saw the symbols of Holocaust denial, for example, at the Capitol that day; you saw the Confederate flag being carried through the rotunda, and I think we as Republicans in particular, have a duty and an obligation to stand against that, to stand against insurrection.”

The remarks by Ms. Cheney, the only Republican leader to vote to impeach former President Donald J. Trump for inciting the insurrection on Congress, are some of the most forceful comments yet to come from party leaders in the aftermath of the riot. And they cemented what had long been assumed: that despite facing internal rebukes and political blowback at home for her unsparing indictment of Mr. Trump’s role in the insurrection, Ms. Cheney has no intention of moderating her criticism of the former president.

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