Fox News Christmas Tree rebuilt after arson


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas again.

The Fox News tree that was set ablaze in Midtown by a vagrant firebug was quickly rebuilt Thursday ahead of a live-broadcast relighting ceremony.

Photos show workers installing the 50-foot metal-framed artificial fir on Thursday morning — one day after the symbol of holiday spirit was torched, allegedly by an arsonist with a lengthy rap sheet.

Builders hung dozens of red and white ornaments on the tree and topped it with a large red star, the images show.

On Wednesday, Craig Tamanaha, 49, a homeless man known to police for committing a series of low-level crimes, was arrested for allegedly setting the tree on fire — then soon released by a judge due in part to New York’s lenient bail reform laws.

But the new Christmas conifer was triumphantly towering once again by around noon, in time for a lighting ceremony that will be aired at 5 p.m. on Fox’s “The Five.”

Fox News Christmas Tree on fire
Homeless man Craig Tamanaha was arrested for torching the Fox News Christmas tree and then quickly released from jail.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott called the new tree “a sign of resilience and hope” in the face of a horrible act.

The destroyed tree was originally lit during the network’s “All-American” Christmas special on Sunday. It glowed outside the News Corp. building  that houses Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post on the tourist-heavy block of Sixth Avenue and West 48th Street.

Fox News Christmas tree
A new tree was quickly put up today around noon. Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott called it “a sign of resilience and hope.”
Brigette Stelzer

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