Fed up landlord makes website outing squatters

Squatters are being put on blast by one fed-up East Hampton landlord.

Adrianna Nava — a single mom who battled to evict her own non-paying tenants for 10 months — said she’s been so moved by horror stories from other homeowners she created a website to help identify potential problem tenants before they move in.

“Most landlords are good & hardworking people,” declares. “Some tenants need protection, but many have simply lied and leaned into recent provisions that make it impossible for homeowners to defend themselves or their properties.

“If you are aware of a known squatter, please register them here to warn other homeowners!”

Squatters and other nonpaying tenants have been given unprecedented legal protection amid the pandemic by the state’s eviction moratorium, which continues to be extended, this time to Jan. 15.

“You can go to jail for stealing someone’s refrigerator out of their house, but you can’t go to jail for stealing someone’s home? It makes no logical sense,” said Nava, 37, who lost her job in November 2020 but was unable to sell her only asset, the three-bedroom, two-bath house her squatters refused to leave.

After creating an account, a visitor to can view examples of accused squatters. Each entry includes a name, an address, approximate age and short description of the accusations against them.

One example on the list is Gregg Solomon, who has allegedly been occupying Bridgehampton artist Lynn Matsuoka’s home for 13 months.

This house belonging to Lynn Matsuoka is in Bridgehampton, New York
Solomon has taken advantage of evicition moratoriums to stay in Matsuoka’s home.
Doug Kuntz

A clip of Solomon talking to police outside of Matsuoka’s home was posted to the Squatter Registry’s Instagram page and in it, he claims to know Hamptons architect Peter Cook.

Christie Brinkley’s-ex denied knowing Solomon.

Lynn Matsuoka
Solomon has allegedly been squatting in the home of artist Lynn Matsuoka’s home for 13 months.
Jared Siskin/PMC

“To be clear, I do not know this man, he acts like he knows me and behaved as though we are ‘friends’ because he claims to peripherally know an old very dear friend of mine,” Cook wrote on the site. “He is clearly an opportunist who is doing Lynn a great disservice! Shame on you Greg Solomon, your lies will not hold up in court!”

“I really don’t know him from Adam, so the fact that he used my name is upsetting because I’ve known Lynn a long time,” Cook told The Post, noting he says hello to Solomon around town but that’s it. “It’s shameful what he’s doing to Lynn. I just don’t appreciate that my name was used. If I were to be on anyone’s side, it would by Lynn.”

Solomon  Lynn Matsuoka
Solomon is seen in Matsuoka’s home.

Solomon didn’t immediately address Cook’s comments.

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