Dozens of cars with phony license plates seized in NYC


Authorities seized dozens of cars with bogus license plates in Harlem early Friday — and netted three loaded illegal firearms in the process, too, officials said.

The joint operation between the New York City Sheriff’s Office and NYPD used license-plates readers to spot the 54 vehicles with illegal and counterfeit paper license plates parked on the Upper Manhattan streets, said city Sheriff Joseph Fucito.

Two 9mm pistols and a .22 pistol were found in the cars, Fucito said.

Confiscated car with fake plates
The NYPD says that getaway cars in robberies often have phony paper licenses.
Seth Gottfried
Seized car
500 automobiles with fake paper licenses have been seized in the last five months.
Seth Gottfried

Sheriff’s officers and cops also issued another 50 summonses to some of the vehicles’ owners for various parking and traffic violations.

The seizures were the latest in the city’s crackdown on illegal license plates that law-enforcement officials say have allowed people to “circumvent all types of public-safety programs.”

NYPD officials have also connected the use of paper license plates to a number of getaway cars in shootings.

seized car
The city is cracking down on fake licenses, in the latest bust police uncovered three illegal firearms as well.
Seth Gottfried
Police seizing car
The bust was a joint operation between the New York City Sheriff’s Office and The NYPD.
Seth Gottfried

In the past five months, a total of nearly 500 vehicles with phony plates have now been seized, and 480 summons have been issued, Fucito said. So far, 60 people have been charged with crimes connected to their illegal plates, Fucito added.

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